Hypnobabies Classes in the era of CoronaVirus

Who thought we would still be living in a pandemic almost 2 years later?! I wanted to share what I am doing to continue to provide Hypnobabies classes to families who want to get this in-depth childbirth education with the powerful hypnosis tools that have helped so many families to have a more joyful, empowering, easier, and more comfortable birth.

For the time being I am continuing to follow the guidance of health officials to avoid all unnecessary contact with other people. Which means Hypnobabies classes will continue to be taught through an online platform. The “live class” option will become a group class done via Zoom. Most of the benefits of the live class will remain the same. You will have 3+ hours each week learning directly from a very experienced birth doula and Hypnobabies instructor and VP – me! You will also still get to interact with other pregnant families going through this experience at the same time, which is an invaluable part of the live class. The best part … all of this is from the comfort of your own home!

Weekly accountability to an instructor and fellow students is also a popular reason to take the live class. Hypnobabies involves quite a bit of reading and hypnosis practice, much like a college class. Because, of course, the outcome is so important! Birth partners are also highly involved with the live class, learning right alongside the birthing person and reading hypnosis scripts three times per week. This allows the birthing person to learn to relax to their partner’s voice and of course baby also loves hearing the voices of all those who love them!

You’ll have to sign up for class at least a few days in advance so I can make sure I can ship your course materials to you or drop them off at your home.

Each class series runs for six weeks. The cost of the live class is $500. Discounts and payment plans are always available for families in need.

Although the live class via Zoom is the best option, Hypnobabies also has a wonderful home study option. The home study version is purchased directly from Hypnobabies.com.  This is a self-study that the birthing person does mostly on their own, though birth partners are encouraged to follow along and have a few small things to do to be involved. Birth partners do not read hypnosis scripts three times per week like they do with the live class and there is no Birthing Rehearsal or instructor guidance. It contains the same wonderful hypnosis tools and techniques that are taught in the live class.

Home study users can hire myself or another Hypnobabies instructor to do a Home Study Advantage (HSA) class. These will also be done virtually until this pandemic has passed. The HSA is a three-hour, one-time class for the birthing person and the birth partner. We do a review of the course, make sure the birth partner feels fully up to speed for their role, and do a real time birth rehearsal to practice using all the tools. This HSA is an invaluable way to make sure you are able to reap the full benefit of all the Hypnobabies tools you will have spent so much time learning and practicing. The HSA is $150 for three hours.

The reality of this wild time is that anxiety levels for expectant families are going to be higher than ever, during a time when anxiety was already becoming an epidemic for pregnant folks and new parents. Additionally, many families are seriously considering avoiding birthing at hospitals to minimize the chance of exposure to this virus. Hypnobabies has tools to not only help tackle anxiety during pregnancy, but to help every family have the most positive birth possible, no matter where they choose to birth, or the path their baby’s birth takes. Every expectant family deserves to have the absolute best. I encourage you to decide if Hypnobabies is the right fit for you! As always, reach out with any questions… kim@serenebirths.com or 310-773-8774