Elizabeth N – In July of this year my partner Josh and I welcomed our beautiful daughter in to the world. Hypnobabies and our instructor Kim Gross were instrumental in the comfortable and successful birthing of our baby girl. Kim made my partner and I feel incredibly comfortable and shared a wealth of knowledge. I am eternally grateful for the techniques we learned and the level of confidence she helped to instill in me as I moved through pregnancy and ultimately the birth of our first child. Thank you Hypnobabies and Kim for providing us with a wonderful experience.

Elizabeth N

Loved my class with Kim. Although I have taken this class before, I learned even more with Serene Births and it has been such a relaxing experience. She’s the best instructor out there! Thank you so much!

Tasneem O

Kim was a great Hypnobabies instructor. She really understands the material and is very experienced. We felt supported throughout the whole class. The supplemental information she shared was great as well. Highly recommend online classes with her!

Molly K

Within my first trimester being pregnant I had started putting together my birth team! I was so excited and eager to read, research and listen to anything recommended by birth workers. My doula was the one who turned me onto Hypnobabies. I had asked her what birthing class she recommend for a first time mom that wanted an unmediated natural birth, her answer, Hypnobabies. I was so eager to start our classes with my birth partner. Our instructor Kimberly Gross was/is so great! The classes are so dynamic and you learn so much about physiological birth and pregnancy via textbook material, videos, group conversation among other members of the class, the Hypnobabies scripts and take home tracks. Plus Kim would always have yummy snacks each week during class! My husband and I were so thankfully and satisfied with the investment and commitment we made to the 6 week class with Kim. Little did we know that we would be having our babe during COVID19 and the birth team I formed during my first trimester would end up being just my husband and I. We are so thankful for the Hypnobabies class that gave us the techniques to have a peaceful, joyful and wonderful birth. I would recommend it and plan to use these techniques for our future births as well!!!!


Kim is an incredibly kind, accommodating, and knowledgeable birth educator. From the very beginning of the Hypnobabies course, my partner and I knew we were in the best hands possible. Her breadth of experience as a doula and an educator comes through in every session, and she made herself completely available for questions and conversations outside of the class structure.

My partner and I experienced several challenges in our pregnancy, and up until I started Hypnobabies I was really struggling with how to have hope and cultivate a positive mindset for the birth ahead. The Hypnobabies content and Kim’s gentle yet direct approach were exactly what I needed to shift my perspective. Now, I’m enjoying the last weeks of my pregnancy and eagerly anticipating giving birth. I can’t wait to apply everything I’ve learned and meet my baby.

Malika W

I took Kim Gross’s Hypnobabies Class in January 2021 and it was done via Zoom. Kim’s charisma and humour made the virtual class really fun, entertaining, and of course educational for my husband and I. We learned sooo much more than we expected and can officially say that we feel prepared to go into our birthing day excitedly and confidently. Prior to the Hypnobabies program we had agreed on a hospital birth and at the end of the program we have changed to a home birth. This was always my dream birth goal however was unsure in my ability to confidently and safely go through the process. Hypnobabies has installed confidence within myself and also my husband so we now can follow through with what’s really right for us and our baby girl. Thank you for a wonderful fun class, Kim. And if you’re wondering about doing Hypnobabies for your birthing – give it ago! Kim is definitely an outstanding teacher to learn from with her years of experience.

Maria H

Before my first born, I held a lot of fear concerning the birthing process. It wasn’t until I began taking my Hypnobabies course with Kim Gross that my fears started to subside. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable and helpful, she also had such a fun personality. Her classes were informative and insightful as well. My husband and I felt confident going into labor as we felt we were educated about making our own decisions and standing by them.

Kim was also so amazing during my actual labor process! She took the time to text and give advice while I was in the hospital and was just so genuine and kind.

I highly recommend her classes!

Ashley R

I am so grateful to Kim and her expertise and education! Just had my baby on Sunday (3/28/21) and Kim’s hypnobabies classes prepared my partner and I so well for a calm and peaceful birthing time.

We took Kim’s class via zoom in January and had a great experience. The classes are entertaining and educational! As a former birth worker myself, I am always seeking knowledge but I thought, I would know a lot and wasn’t sure if the class would be worth it for me, but I am SO glad we decided to take the class anyway.  This was my second birth and while my first was a good experience, I definitely could have used the comfort measures I learned for my first baby. Kim is such a warm and caring soul, super cool, funny, real and personable! She also takes payment plans which was really convenient for my family and I.

I went into my birthing time early on Sunday morning and I was thinking if we went into our birthing center, I would be turned away because I was so comfortable but by the time we got to the birth center, to my surprise I was already 6cm and 90% effaced so baby was coming! And he did just 3.5 hours later. My Hypnobabies techniques were absolutely priceless from the start and all the way to pushing my babe down and out.

If you’re thinking of taking Kim’s Hypnobabies classes, don’t hesitate!

Kamlyn S

Cody Bear’s guess date was 1/22/10, and the week before, I had started to slow down on my walks, felt Braxton Hicks more often, and slept a lot more. He felt really low and big inside me. On Wednesday the 20th I woke up feeling mild menstrual type cramps off and on from 3am to 6am. I had a doctor appointment that day at 11am so I told her how I had been feeling and she said it was possible signs of labor but she wasn’t sure. I had an internal exam and she said I was 1cm dilated and that his head was very low. From everything I’ve read and heard, a baby can stay like this for days, even weeks, so I wasn’t convinced he would show up any time soon.
I went and got my hair done, and came home around 4:30 pm to walk my dogs. That evening Aaron asked me what I wanted for dinner and I was dying for the biggest, spiciest burrito so that’s what he brought me. I ate the whole thing in about 2 minutes! At about 9pm I asked him to read me “Visualize Your Birth”, which was a good one to start with since it’s so long. With him reading it slower than it is on the CD, it took almost 50 minutes, and the next thing I knew it was 10pm. We went to bed but I was having trouble sleeping.
I decided to go into the living room and listen to “Fear Clearing” because I had a feeling that the time was getting close. I had to pee constantly and the menstrual feelings were getting stronger. I had no idea these were pressure waves, as they didn’t hurt at all! I did feel some intensity but never thought that’s all it would be. By midnight I felt nauseous and threw up that amazing burrito, which made me sad.
I noticed some tightness in my back so I decided to text our doula, Kim. She suggested taking a shower, which was amazing! I stood in “downward dog” with my hands on the bench in our shower for 45 minutes and that felt great. When I got out, I felt my teeth chattering a little and a little shaky, so I decided to wake Aaron up. At that point I got out the birth ball and he continued to read from his “Birth Partner’s Guide”. We tried to time the pressure waves but I really couldn’t tell when they were ending, as they faded out so slowly and I was trying to stay in hypnosis.

During my birthing time, I never felt like I was in a deep state of hypnosis like when we practiced. During a pressure wave I found it more comfortable to get on my knees and lean on the couch or birth ball but I never felt completely limp, I wanted to rock a little or move around. I was concerned that I wasn’t focusing enough, but then I realized that I was doing fine and didn’t need to worry, I could just trust that it was working, even if it was different than I had expected it to be.

By 3:45am I noticed my mucus plug when I went to the bathroom, it was clear but then a little blood came out. I sent a text to our doula again and she said she’d start heading our way. By 4:30am, my water broke! It surprised me, but I still felt pretty calm because I had read that it could still be a while before anything happens. However, when my next pressure wave came, I felt a really strong urge to push. It really overwhelmed me because I didn’t realize I was that close! We tried to get organized as fast as possible, but it still took a while to get everything in the car, dogs fed, etc. and it was pouring rain. Kim said she’d meet us at the hospital at that point.
We got to Hoag at about 5:30am and I found it easy to walk in and get to the 5th floor. I kept my headphones on and listened to the “Affirmations” track, which was really helpful. When we got to the front desk, the girl saw me and said “Oh she’s doing Hypnobabies!”. I was so happy to hear that they were familiar with this. As we walked to our room I noticed another Hypnobabies sign on a birthing room door. Once in our room, there were 5 or 6 nurses fussing over me, which didn’t bother me the way I had once thought it might. They were all so nice and working quickly. I did allow them to give me a heparin lock, as my OB had asked me to allow it when we went over my birth plan a few weeks prior. Once nurse checked me and even though our birth plan had said “Please don’t inform me of my progress”, she announced “You’re at 8cm!”. I was happy to hear this.
At that point Aaron and Kim put on the Affirmations for me to hear out loud but I found it pretty distracting. They changed it to Relaxation Music and that was better for me. I was informed that my OB would not be able to make it in time and that another doctor would be available shortly. They checked me again and I was at 10cm already, so they had me start pushing to see how close he was. I didn’t feel any pain at all, just lots of intense pressure that I wanted to push out. They did give me oxygen because I was getting a little out of breath, I think because I was on my back with my feet up. But the position didn’t bother me at all, it felt fine at that point, but I wouldn’t have liked it if I hadn’t been ready to push.
The next pressure wave that came on found me pushing and I couldn’t control it. I felt amazed that my body just kind of took over and knew what to do! It was an incredible feeling. The nurse however, tried to push my knees together and she said, “You have to wait for the doctor!” I felt Kim rush to my side and push my knees back open. She told me if I had to it was ok. I think my eyes must have bugged out of my head because the nurse ran to the door and called for someone to get the doctor. He finally came in to the room, took a seat, and in a few big pushes I felt the baby arrive! It was 7:14am.
I did have a small tear and had to get a few stitches, but other than that, it was very easy, and dare I say it…even fun! It was intense but what an amazing experience! I found myself laughing a few times with the nurses. When they told me he weighed 8lbs, 9oz and was 22 inches long, I was amazed! My OB had thought he was about 7 ½ lbs.
The staff was so great about letting us have our time with Cody. We waited for the cord to stop pulsing and they gave us 3 hours before they gave him eye ointment and his vitamin K shot. I did allow them to give me pitocin after the placenta came out, as the doctor thought it would help the uterus contract and our doula said it was common and if I wanted to it would be fine. I looked at my deflated stomach and said “OK give it to me”.
I am definitely not any kind of super woman when it comes to pain. I stubbed my toe badly a few years ago and that was SO painful for days. Giving birth was NOT painful! It’s not something I would compare to being hurt, like I often hear so many people do. I knew in my heart that the love and connection between me and my baby was so deep and there was no reason either of us would harm the other in this process. And I was right!
We are so grateful for the Hypnobabies program! It was wonderful to have such a relaxed and happy birthing time, and I never once would have considered any of it to be painful or require medication. I am glad I felt so prepared for all the details of the birth as well.
Katie & Aaron

I had my hypnobaby back in February. It was a great experience and I was able to birth unmedicated just as I had hoped. I have yet to post my story, eventually I will! Lol! We now have a 7 month old, crazy! I just wanted to get on here though to say how happy I am that my husband and I took this course. It seriously changed everything for us. We felt so educated and knowledgeable during every ob visit, during our birthing time, and when our baby finally made her appearance. I think everyone on staff was surprised by how much we knew. This class more than anything though pushed us to trust the birthing process and my body. In turn it opened our eyes a bit and encouraged us to make our own decisions and to do our own research. Not to just take the doctors word for it (I mean no disrespect to the doctors by that – I know they are doing their jobs and doing their best). This class really empowered me to be even more knowledgable and to take responsibility for our medical decisions, not to just leave it to someone else to decide for me what fits their protocol. Before this class I would have just gone along with anything the doctor told me and assumed they know best. Nobody knows my body better than me though. So THANK YOU so much for empowering my husband and I! And for sparking more desire to make better health choices. This class truly changed our lives.

Michelle C.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Kim is absolutely amazing! I took her Hypnobabies class during my first pregnancy and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only was she super personable and down to earth, I left the class feeling very empowered and educated about the decisions I can make for myself and my baby. My husband and I both agree that this could allowed us to make safe and informed choices during my very difficult and long labor.
Birthing is a very intimate and intense experience, and having Kim as an instructor really helped us explore our options. She even graciously texted back-and-forth with my husband during my labor time to help and answer questions!
Thank you Kim!!
Ashley B

I just finished Kim’s Hypnobabies course and I cannot say enough about this team!  Kim is absolutely an amazing teacher and doula.  She empowers her students with research and a positive attitude!  She gave me the confidence and support I needed to change my OB  and approach birth as a beautiful experience. I highly recommend her Hypnobabies course and doula services. I  do not think I could be as stress free and calm as I am right now without her education and support. I am due at the end of this month and really look forward to having her there an an advocate and loving friend!

Amisha C.

My husband and I decided to do the Hypnobabies class to prepare for the birth of our first baby.  I feel so lucky to have Kim Gross as our instructor. Last week will be our last class and i feel like I have been given so much information and guidance. Kim is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, comforting, and teaches an amazing class. I really feel like my whole perspective has changed and want to share this experience with all my pregnant friends because it really is so amazing! Thank you Kim you’re the best !!

Sara J.

I highly recommend the Hypnobabies class with Kim Gross.  My husband and I took these classes recently during our second pregnancy.  We learned so much.  The coping skills you’ll learn from this course is so beneficial. Not only did I use them during my birthing time, but throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. Kim is very knowledgeable and highly experienced.  Her teaching style is full of confidence and compassion. Angela Brown taught the class alongside of Kim.  Between the two of them they are full of great info and so many resources. This was such a positive experience for us and instrumental to our birthing journey.

Missy C.

Oh how I loved, loved loved this class! As a soon to be mom, again, I wanted the information and tools to have the non-medicalized homebirth I dreamt of and I was able to prepare and gain the confidence and reassurance I needed to do so through this class. Kimberly is so knowledgeable and well educated on the issue. The entire course was broken down and explained so thoroughly that my overall learning experience was very graceful. I highly recommend Kimberly and her class! 100%

Cassandra C.

People need to know about Kim Gross and her Hypnobabies class. My wife and I just finished the series and we are very happy with our experience. Kim provided us with many personal stories & thoughtful resources on every aspect of pregnancy. She answered all our questions patiently and there was a great vibe in the group due to Kim’s presence. She really believes in the power of a woman’s body to handle a natural birth and she really encouraged us on our pregnancy journey. Thanks Kim.

Mike M.

I had my hypno-baby back in February. It was a great experience and I was able to birth unmedicated just as I had hoped. I just wanted to say how happy I am that my husband and I took this course. It seriously changed everything for us. We felt so educated and knowledgeable during every OB visit, during our birthing time, and when our baby finally made her appearance. I think everyone on staff was surprised by how much we knew. This class more than anything though pushed us to trust the birthing process and my body. In turn it opened our eyes a bit and encouraged us to make our own decisions and to do our own research. Not to just take the doctors word for it (I mean no disrespect to the doctors by that – I know they are doing their jobs and doing their best). This class really empowered me to be even more knowledgeable and to take responsibility for our medical decisions, not to just leave it to someone else to decide for me what fits their protocol. Before this class I would have just gone along with anything the doctor told me and assumed they know best. Nobody knows my body better than me though. So THANK YOU so much for empowering my husband and I! And for sparking more desire to make better health choices. This class truly changed our lives.

Michelle Clarizio

Dear Kim,

The birth of my son, Adewale, was such a wonderful experience thanks to your cool, calm and relaxed attitude.  Your natural instincts were unbelievable from start to finish.  When I first started having contractions, you stayed on the phone with me to time them.  When you realized how close together the contractions were, you were already in your car and on your way to my house.

When you got to my house.  You knew the exact place on my back that needed attention, and you continued to rub my back at my request.  You also managed to load the car up with my hospital suitcase, birthing ball, and whatever else you thought we would need.  You didn’t stress me or panic, even though we had to get to the hospital quickly.  You remained calm and supportive of me.  In the car, when I told you that I felt like I had to push, you told me that my body naturally knows what to do.  You were so calm and reassuring.  When we arrived at the hospital (6:10 pm) you told me that everything would be okay, and you returned quickly with a nurse and a wheelchair. Inside the hospital, you listened carefully to the nurses, and represented me as you relayed my wishes for a natural birth to them.  Again, you reassured me that everything was going to be okay.  When it was time to push, you were right at my side, coaching me the whole way. I thank God you were there. Adewale was born at 6:41 pm, a healthy baby boy!?!

What a surprise.  Not only did he decide to come very fast, he decided to surprise us all, because the ultrasound technician said I was having a girl.  I am so glad that you were there, and I am so pleased with all the recommendations you gave me throughout my pregnancy.
All of the stretching exercises helped me tremendously.

Now that I am pregnant with my second child, a girl we think, I hope you will be able to be there to rub my back and reassure me again.  You seemed to make all the pain and worry go away, making my first childbirth as serene as it could be under the pressured circumstances.  Kim, your natural instincts have you in the right profession, and any woman that has you as a doula is truly fortunate.  You have found your calling in life, and it shows.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Katy Rich

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I can’t thank you enough for all the help – from the pregnancy all the way to now, Nik’s 5th month of life!  Your wisdom, love, and constant support have been invaluable.  We had no idea how much we needed an advocate in the delivery room.  I thought I had read everything and was prepared but nothing prepares you for childbirth.  It was wonderful to have you there as our advocate, we don’t know what we would’ve done without you!  Through all the contractions and setbacks your voice was one of the very few I could hear throughout my labor, you knew exactly what to say and what to do.  We can’t thank you enough and we are glad to consider you  part of our family-  Auntie Kim!

Much love and blessings,

Sheryl, Mel, and Nikolas Navarro

When I met Kim, I knew I wanted her to be apart of bringing my daughter into the world.  Not only was she knowledgeable and passionate about women’s choices in birthing, but she had a confidence in my ability to have a natural birth, a confidence that I didn’t always have in myself.  After a traumatic birth experience with my first baby, I wasn’t convinced that I could make it through labor without interventions or drugs.  Before my daughter’s birth, Kim’s encouragement and suggesting helpful learning resources was priceless in helping me prepare.  During labor, Kim’s calm reassurance, natural pain relief suggestions, and a willingness to help out in any way was a huge support to both my husband and me.  I had the strength all along to have a natural birth the way God created our bodies to bring babies into this world.  However, having Kim as my doula made all the difference in having the support, confidence, and help during pregnancy and labor that allowed me to trust my body and having an amazing birth experience with my second daughter.  Kim, what you do for us pregnant moms is an amazing gift and talent, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my birth experience.


We interviewed two doulas for our first birth experience – which happened to be with twins. We liked both candidates and felt they were qualified, but we had an instant rapport with Kim which we felt was most important. Kim listened and answered all of our questions as first time parents and she really went out of her way to make the lead up to the birth as stress free as possible. She also respected our wishes and didn’t try to sway us into experiences that we didn’t want. She also got along very well with my husband and understood his humor which was very important since they needed to work as a team. Kim meet with us three times prior to the birth discussing everything from the birth plan to pumping to labor positions. She also attended a hospital tour and an ultrasound appointment with me when my husband was out of town. I was able to call Kim at any time with questions and took advantage of that at 3am when my water broke and again at 3am when the contractions were coming fast and hard. Kim was with me in the hospital working to help have as natural and comfortable a birth as possible. She was an advocate for me and my husband helping us to ask questions of the doctor and nurse to ensure we had the experience we wanted. Kim was able to attend the actual birth of the twins and was right there as part of the birthing team for the pushing and delivery. I ended up delivering both twins vaginally which was an amazing experience and I’m so glad that Kim was able to be in the room. I feel that we not only found a doula for our birthing experience needs, but a friend who will help support us as first-time parents during this new journey.

The Kinneys

From the first time we met Kim, we felt a comfortable and familiar bond with her.  Through her HypnoBabies course we became more informed about and at ease with the birthing process and all its wonderful facets, and we grew closer as a team.  During my pregnancy, Kim was always available in person, by phone, or email to answer our questions, steady our minds, offer encouragement.  The day my water broke, she was the voice of calm, coming to our home to be with us while I labored at home and met us at the hospital for what was, I can only say, an amazing birth experience.  She was encouraging when I needed it, quiet when I needed it, and in all ways available when I needed anything.  When we had to make a decision that veered slightly from our birth plan, Kim was the voice of experience and compassion and helped us make an informed and appropriate choice.  Her support and companionship has not ended with the birth of our beautiful son, and we are so thankful to count Kim among our friends.

Lisa Kooi and Curtis Christensen

Dear Kim,

Where do we start?  We truly enjoyed your Hypnobabies class that was so crucial and provided a strong foundation for us.  It was such a wonderful experience.  It was strange to experience something that we advocate for as medical social scientists—but this time we were the participants not the researchers.  It was one of those transformative moments where our way of being was impacted at a profound level.  The weekly classes and the daily “homeplay” were critical for what waited for us during our birthing experience.  After taking the classes it became clear that we needed you on our birthing team!

Our decision to use a doula proved to be a fortunate decision.  Beatriz’ water broke but she did not have any birthing waves!  You were very helpful during the 24-hour period when we waited for the birthing waves to start.  As soon as we entered the hospital the OB/GYN insisted on an aggressive intervention strategy that started with pitocin.  Luckily—you knew how to politic and schmooze with the nurses.  All of the nurses respected our decision to use Hypnobabies.  Part of the Hypnobabies training involved not being confrontational—fend for yourself but do it with restraint.

As the lead birth coach for Beatriz it was very reassuring having such a birth expert by our side.  You took care of our needs and us during our birthing time.  You reminded us of our cues and suggested which hypno track to listen to.  Yes dads-to-be are central to the birthing experience but having such a knowledgeable team member is priceless.  After many hours and a dramatically increased pitocin drip—Beatriz was not dilating “fast enough” as defined by the hospital and the on-call OB/GYN.  You stepped in with the nurses on duty and you recommended some key birthing wave body positioning to “move things along.”  And after an hour of experiencing the birthing waves in these positions—we avoided what appeared to be an inevitable cesarean section.  For this we are truly grateful we decided to use a doula and more specifically to work with you!

Even after the birth you continued to help us.  In fact—we still maintain communication.  I enjoy referring my friends to you and asking you for various referrals.  We look forward to working with you again in the future as our doula again…if we are so blessed to have another child!  Thank you for helping us meet our baby!

Un abrazo,

Beatriz, Alexandro and Alexandra Xochiquetzali

As first time parents, whose families are back east, we were looking for a nurturing, maternal and experienced doula to make us feel confident about the birthing process. In Kim, we found a personal coach, teacher and friend. She helped us feel prepared and fully supported throughout the whole birthing process. She informed us of our rights as parents, and she struck the perfect balance between advocating for us and our baby, while respecting hospital staff and policy. Her knowledge of hospital procedures and our rights made us feel at ease when it came time to be flexible with our birth plan. We can’t imagine having done this without her. Thanks Kim!!


Ron, Kristen and Sam Carmi

Kim is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to my closest of friends and family.  She is an amazing advocate, educator, and all around great support system who my husband and I have quickly learned to trust and count on for help and guidance for the birth of our last two children.  

5-6 years ago we took her Hypnobabies class and because she is so great at what she does, we hired her to be our doula to which she positively supported us providing home-visits and ongoing care even after the birth of my first son.  

Because of the exceptional support and education, we signed up for another class of hers which helped us  with our most recent birthing experience for our now 5 month old son.  She makes herself available when in need and while in the middle of the birthing process she was there for us and was nothing less than dependable, encouraging, and knowledgeable.  

We owe so much to Kim and the experience she’s provided.  We are truly grateful for her wisdom and am so fortunate that she continues to be in the line of work that she is……She’s also a lot of fun too.  Hypnobabies’ class time is pretty enjoyable.

Lori & Nobel

My husband and I took a hypnobabies course with Kim and Alicia and it was fantastic. We learned so much about the birthing process and it completely re-framed how I view birth. Kim and Alicia are both very knowledgeable and easy going. We are still waiting on our baby to arrive (41 weeks at this point!) but we feel really prepared and excited for the big day thanks to this class!

Mel B

My husband and I had a really positive experience with Kim as our Hypnobabies educator. She has a warm and easy energy, is very knowledgable, and goes out of her way to help with resources. After each class I left feeling that I had learned a lot about birthing and at the end of the experience I felt empowered. I would highly recommend Kim as a teacher and hypnobabies as a birthing method.

Gwenyth B

We really enjoyed working with Kim. She puts together a really great birth education and hypnobabies class. She has become a trusted resource for me and is always willing to help with recommendations and referrals. I used the techniques she taught us for both of our births. Our class with Kim was almost 5 years ago and I still keep in contact with her today.

Paige H

Kim is amazing!! Took her Hypnobabies course and I was transformed. Although the material was a lot for a six week course, Kim made it easy to understand and enjoyable! Her experience as a doula provided all of us with so much internal knowledge that others don’t receive. I liked that she was able to answer all of my questions and took the extra time to help me figure out my baby’s position. Looking forward to having her as my doula with my future babies!

Zahir C

Kimberly is our Hypnobabies Vice President, an Advisory Board Member, one of our best Instructor Trainers (she teaches the teachers to teach!) and a very experienced and successful Hypnobabies Instructor. Her students and doula clients absolutely love her for her fun, engaging personality and her extensive and compassionate expertise in the birthing field, which has been invaluable to them. It makes such a difference to have an extremely accomplished and knowledgeable Hypnobabies Instructor when you desire a much easier and more comfortable birth, and Kimberly fits that bill with ease. Who could be better to teach an expectant family their Hypnobabies skills and techniques than a person who actually TRAINS the other Hypnobabies Instructors how to teach?? As Founder/Director of Hypnobabies, based on her knowledge and experience and the love she extends to her Hypnobabies students, Kimberly Gross has my vote as best Hypnobabies Instructor in Southern California!

Kerry T

I took a Hypnobabies class with Kim and Alicia as our instructors and learned so much. They were very personable and knowledgeable about childbirth and answered all of our questions along the way. Highly recommended!!!

Helen F

HypnoBabies allowed me to be centered and fully enjoy the birth of our baby girl Gloria Jin-Ni. I honestly did not feel pain. I simply felt pressure and joy… a lot of joy! I am very thankful that I took classes with Kim Gross because everything I learned came in handy when it was time for the arrival of our daughter. The sheet of positions to go through was the most helpful of all. My husband was able to follow that sheet and lead me through the positions that brought Gloria Jin-Ni earthside to us. I cannot recommend taking classes with Kim Gross enough. Do it! You will thank me later 🙂

Ana Rosa